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CB Radio

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lincons are very good radios :thumbs:


There very good .....ive been dx'ing to all over europe with just the mobile set up and no amp......germany, holland, france, belgium, uk, italy. And im in Ireland ...if the prop is there then you can get out further with the Antron 99 set up ...but my landlord wont let me put up the antenna so its a pain in the harris going to sit in the car. Plus normal cb is dead here in ireland ...no one uses it anymore, its all mobile phones and emails :whistling: :whistling:

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do folk still use them.


They do but its all gone tchie and most people using them now are on the 11mtre bands. Its gone more for the amatuer radio way with no handles as it used to be but call signs. And all coded talk with Q's. The bands are full when there is prop to get out there but not used so much for comms nowadays ....apart from the truckers and the farmers.

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cheers guys. had one in the 80s,think most folk did lol it was the big fad then lol

can remember a twig was the ariel,bucket mouth was someone who swore a lot. was fun back then. nowadays with texts and skype and such like i thoight it would be more or less finished. good to hear its not altogether gone. can buy some cracking walkie talkies these days aswell.

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