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Bellman&flint box


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i've had my bellman box for awhle now and the off send and search switch doesn't lock into position[but only in the search mode].its the old type pieps box.was just wandering if anyone else as had this problem.and did b&f sort it out for you?thanks in advance for any help sp.w.

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my old box wont knock off only way to knock it off is too remove the batteries, it is still under warrenty iv spoken to him about this and he couldnt care a f**k he said its un repairable and wont replace it.

Bad customer service from Bellman & Flint, :thumbdown:

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oh so not looking good for me then.as ive found my original receipt and box.ive left a message but got no reply.so ill try again tomorrow..


i have original box and receipt for mine alway been looed after, iv spent over £1000 with bellman and flint buying 2 locator systems and couples, bloke is a 1st class prick smarmy b*****d on the phone too!!

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