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Crazy people

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Years ago i had a red toy poodle dog i sometimes offered at stud. I had a lady ring up asking me to put him over her labrador as toy labradoodles were very rare. I asked her to measure her bitch from chest to tail & also height to hips. 20 minutes later she called back with the measurements and slightly puzzled she asked why i needed to know. I told her my 10"tts dog was scared of heights after he fell off the stepladders seeing to the last bitch so my husband was going to dig a hole to put her bitch in so's the dog could reach :laugh:

After a 2 minute pause she asked if i was being sarcastic and hung up :toast:

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theres some crazy dog owners out there, theres a 2 old women near me who walk a westie & Patterdale my dogs walk past them without so much as a growl but their dogs are barking and growling trying to get at mine (sometimes I wish there leads would snap lol) and i'm the one made to feel its my dogs fault because he's a bully and she's a lurcher.

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