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hand rearing 2 day old pups.........ADVICE PLEASE

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i reared 2 pedigree alsation pups from new born, the bitch had 9 pups as quick as you like then just started killing them i managed to get 3 from her one died though. i rared them on lactol only. the first 3 days knackered me out i hardly slept.


once i fed them i got a small bowl of luke warm water soaked some cotton wool and wiped there ass to simulate the bitch licking them and make them go to the toilet, made sure they shit/piss after every feed and they were fine.

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And don't forget to rub their backends with kitchen roll. They won't pee and poo properly otherwise. The mum would usually lick them to make em pee etc and clean it up at the same time but as she's not, you'll have too.

Circlular motions with a a folded piece of kitchen roll around the bum and bits. Shouldn't take long and they'll empty out.


Good luck with the pups.

Use damp cotton wool instead of kitchen roll: so their bums don't get sore.

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If you can find another lactating bitch that will acept them, then thats your best bet,


if shes a first time mother than rejecting pups happens, we had it with one of our bitch's

the trick i did was to get another bitch in with them, and let the dam see them

dam was on lead, but she went for the other bitch and reclaimed her pups,

it dosent happen with every bitch, but for some just seeing another bitch

with the pups clicks motherhood in to place.

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