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spazzy paddy

old fashion jack russels

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There are some brilliant russells here.


Here is ours, I just hope this works as trying to do it off the phone.


She may not be everyones cups of tea a slightly long in the body, but is spot on with her nose when it comes to rats and rabbits. She was brilliant the otherday guarding her purse nets and bolt hole whilst out ferretting. Not sure if she is the right build for other things.



Hope this link works


Wanting to find a male to put over her next year, any takers??

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Not a looker but i dont care about what a dog looks like aslong as it works , he's now in his second season at 2 year old and grafts well , he will bush till he drops and is going to be entered to fox this season , hopefully he will work out , he is a game little fkr his size may be his downfall as he is a stocky built dog .

I know he isnt the type you lads are talking about i just felt like sharing lol

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yeesss the old type is still going strong!!! i have a lil bitch stands 10tts and she is great on the rats had a few digs n she very keen its a shame that more terriermen dont choose to work this great little type of russell but il keep working them and will b breeding from my bitch in the future........for there size cant fault them one bit!!!!

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