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young hunter in Darlington.

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if theres any young hunters wanting to start out in darlington that would like the odd day out send me a pm.


i go out a couple of times aweek and have a few lads ready and willing to come along but sadly they live to far away for me to pick them up everytime i fancy a couple of hours mooch or a quick shine. sometimes it adds 2 hrs or more onto my days hunting by the time ive picked them up and dropped them off.


ferreting, shooting, lamping, day time mooching i do most things.


looking for a GENUINE kid who is wanting to learn and keen, not someone who will text me at the last second and say they carnt be bothered to come once its been arranged.


you dont need any gear as i have it all but if you have a dog, ferrets or air rifle im sure there will be times it will be fine to bring them along. as long as your responsible enough to use them.


its for one person not a group of lads or can me mate tag along as i have 2 seats in the van and only 1 spare.


no one that will tell there mates were my land is so they can poach it behind my back.


willing to get someone off the streets being bored and get them out in the field learning abit of fieldcraft. im not the worlds greatest hunter but im willing to share what ive learned over the years.


to be honest im looking for a little mate who can come with me, like when i was a kid i used to go out with a mate of me dads and it was the best time hunting ive ever had. so would like to try and do the same for a young lad now im the older one lol.


send me a pm.

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Hi mate am 18 and iv just got in the hunting game just moved to Gateshead way and just got a bull greyhound x bull greyhound pup nearly 6 months old and I'd love if someone with the experience help me bring him on mate

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