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Ferret Re-homing thread - Free to good homes ONLY

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2yr old hob intact big lad free to good home. Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Came from a lad off here from working line. Well handled by me and the little ins, not a biter. Worked well first winter. Only got out 3times this winter and he didn't come out the box on 2 of them so may need bringing on again, just being honest. I cant see me having time for ferrering sessions anymore so knocking it on head regards ferreting. He was guna be my breeder as such I don't need the hob anymore. Lovely lad, just a shame to keep him cooped up.


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I have 4 ferrets that I am looking to re-home, as my work is taking me to Brunei and i cant take them with me. They are a mixture of ages and are all proven workers from good working stock. I have

the jill sounds psycho enough

hi i am starting a new job soon and will be working away monday to fridays so my little freinds have to go, there is one adult hob and 2 adult jils along with this years kits 4 hobs 1 jill. the kits

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I've got 2 3 year old sandy jills that are looking for a home and the moment. Very very quietand excellent workers. Free to a good home preferably a pet home as I need to free up some space.

Gloucester Cheltenham area. 


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Looking a vasectomised hob in Northern Ireland (Co Antrim). As long as he's well handled he doesn't need to be a good worker, as he's for my young lad.

I also have 3 working jills and don't want any litters for the next few years , so he'll have a good home

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