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Ferret Re-homing thread - Free to good homes ONLY

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I have 4 ferrets that I am looking to re-home, as my work is taking me to Brunei and i cant take them with me. They are a mixture of ages and are all proven workers from good working stock. I have

the jill sounds psycho enough

hi i am starting a new job soon and will be working away monday to fridays so my little freinds have to go, there is one adult hob and 2 adult jils along with this years kits 4 hobs 1 jill. the kits

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Right lads I've got 5 jills and 1 hob that I would prefer they go too working homes all work 2 exp workers and last years kit that have been coming on well this year giving up ferreting due too much work and too much time going into dogs iam in the sw of Scotland pm me if ur interested

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Im looking for a ferret to break my pup to them and to get my young sons into the field and off the couch, im not really after a worker as yet, but wouldn't say no, im in Hartlepool so one from the immediate/Teesside area would be great as i have no transport as such. The cheaper the better and like i say anything will do for now. cheers dudes


Edited to say "must be used to being handled though as my young lads will be holding them"

Edited by Marvin
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Ive got a last years jill going if anyone can use her!

Still a bit nippy but is a lovely girl.

She just needs a little more time with someone, as I cant give her all I need to, now I have the two dogs.

I am in Mid Glamorgan, if anyone looking for one.

Can give you a hutch as well if needed!

Pm me!



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Hi Andy, i would love to take both the Jills off your hands. I have been looking for some ferrets for a few month now and can assure you they will be going to a good home.I live in the north east (Teesside) I have ready set up a large hutch with run which you can view if needed. all set and ready to go.

Ive always had ferrets as a kid so im not no novice and im in the process of bringing on my 8 month old Whippet X pup so they would make an ideal asset to the team. Let me know your thoughts on here or through PM mate, Thanks

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