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Regarding fcuktheban

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Leave her where she is, better the devil you know and she wont be the only wrongun here..........some will be a lot closer than you think

i got turned on by that photo ........ is that normal

19 pages, and still no minge. . . . .    

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I'm a wrongun because I'm a woman or a woman that picked on your bow legged dog :laugh:

Like I said the dog does the job sweetheart, jeez your a woman too haha what a sad excuse for a woman you really are hahaha, let me guess, your ugly as sin, fat as a house with the personality of a cabbage, Curly teeth drink your own bath water. And you sit at home on this site because you have nobody else in your life because of all the above. Really do feel sorry for you, poor......um....THING!




you look the type that would take a pair of scissors to your hubbys clothes during a break up lol




No just piss in his brandy ;)

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crobin ..ffs i was accused of trying to steal dogs from her 300 miles away and outed the bitch ...and now she's back pretending to be some kind of goody 2 shoes ...Are you going to let her answer or get rid of the bitch for her to wreek havoc on some other poor unsuspecting fook


I am sorry for accusing you I was angry and very wrong. I'm not an anti but can understand why you are angry.

Fooking sorry!!?? Is she avin a bubble!?! Bird or no bird if I was him I'd be finding you and throwing stuff that doesnt stick !!! Proper freak you mind. Ohh and yeah that's okay to all of you who had a dig at me for not be certain and having the evidence at the start of this post! Thank you !!

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I will also stick my oar in - i am with dotty -


Knew who you were (i think a good few did)


Didn't get to see the photos.


We will happily accept you in our midst . . . . . . .IF the photos are forthcoming.









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