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beagle x russell anybody using them on foxs or preban if you like

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Stop End does not need any hounds to run them in ,he directs them in with his shotgun,lollollol,what a f***ing clown.

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Seen it loads of times hounds going to ground if they want in they will get even seen them accounting for there fox in ground and also seen them dig him out in a peat bog before the lads came with the terrier 3 or 4 couple good marking hound can mover some dirt in the right place

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On 31/10/2017 at 9:58 PM, F@ Larry said:

mine spaniel russell only used for hares, there doing well but i might put a bit beagle into mix when i finish with hare dogs

Anything to make a few quid :drinks:

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the only proplem stopend has with foxes going to ground is getting a dog to dig them......lol


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