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stolen bedlington

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Went to caerphilly terrier and lurcher show today loads of dogs all shapes and sizes, and low and behold there is our dog thief, bold as brass " SELLING HIS WARES" onto unsuspecting folk, who knows if they were stolen, his favorite type of dog to sell, not only does he get "extra cash" at no expense to himself, of course, but he then moves them on to an innocent buyer so now he is not in possession of stolen goods!!! The phrase "buyer beware" is oh so true.Also this man walked around quite freely, spoke to many people, looking at their dogs, I wonder if they will be still in their homes next week, maybe he liked them too much, greed is a deadly sin and this man is a outright :censored: sinner .

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Lisa, sounds like you had a good day at Caerphilly Terrier and Lurcher show, So Webby was there selling dogs then, I hope everyone was in possesion of a scanner to see if they were Stolen!!!!!!!!


Sorry slip of the tounge, perhaps someone should delete that name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any sign of any Beddies there???????????

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