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pups coming along nicely

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like i said i have seen the bitch run week in week out since a pup so i no the bitch very well she has been like one of my own, to the bloke that is talking out his arse you obviously have never seen

take no notice of fttbh mate.his well able to talk ,his wippet bitch(best working dog iv ever had) is only after a litter of pups and he had a post up after the mating asking would that cross make goo

thanks mate i am glad there a some decent dog men on here

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take no notice of fttbh mate.his well able to talk ,his wippet bitch(best working dog iv ever had) is only after a litter of pups and he had a post up after the mating asking would that cross make good workers because he was wondering should he keep one :o and he told another few lads he will hav another litter this time next year!!says it all really.nice looking pups by the way hope they do you proud :thumbs:

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not having a dig mate, but that bitch looks like it is in poor condition, no muscle on the back legs, no shpe to it, coat looks a bit worse for wear.


i wouldnt buy one of them pups if i came and seen that dog, especially if you have only bought it for breeding by the sounds of it you have :whistling:


I don't know this lad but a friend of mine does ,and he has seen the pups ,and states they are getting the very best of everything.I believe the lad paid a good bit out for this bitch  ,if he wants to breed her ,I think he is entitled to,she is certainly bred well, just as long as he doesn't turn her into a puppy factory ,like owners of that grand old bitch Fettle did with her.Inan

so thats y he has bred her then cost if he payed good money 4 her he will want good money  4 the pups and how can u say that about a puppy factory he has had her 3 month and had pups to me he is in it 4 the money not 4 the dog


Why ,because he has bred from a tried, and tested , well bred bitch who is in her prime? How does that indicate he is in it for the money? The pups are being well reared and, want for nothing. Have a look at the price of the stud fee for the sire, if he was out for  quick £££'s, he would have picked a cheaper stud. I think you are talking through your rectum ,making assumptions without any evidence to back them up.Then again some people would rather assume the worst about someone and, slag  off complete strangers ,about whom they know nothing.You are obviously first in that queue.

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Seems to me the boy has bought a well bred bitch that he knows well and wants some pups from her to keep a very good line going in he's opinion so what's the problem?? Every time a litter of pups come on here there's people bitching about how wrong it is but how did you boys get the dogs your running now? Bred them or bought a pup in...? If no 1 bred any pups there wouldn't be any to run.. Give the boy a chance to see if he keeps any pups before you all get on he's case. Just my opinion lads

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Well i apologise :icon_redface:


I don't know the bitch or dog or the history of good running dogs. I've just heard of so many people getting a bitch, having a litter as fast as possible for big money and then ditching the bitch once they cashed in. Obviously not the case with such well bred stock. I just read the situation wrong with you having a litter off her straight away.


Atb with her & litter. I do think they look well, takes a lot out of a bitch with a large litter and she looks pretty good :thumbs:

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i took this bitch down to my  mate. he named it after me daughter. they are proper lads  the nicest  you could wish to meet and they  speak highly  of this lad.. peddling in my view is if u  breed off shit and flood the market with inferior stock and u cant call this inferior stock.. all the best with pups and mother they  all look well edited to say gertrude looks weell and so does her pups

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