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undershot jaw

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Guest busterdog

I've got one bitch in this yard that is close mouthed and one undershot, the close mouthed has produced no undershot mouths to date, the undershot bitch is still young. She had a good mouth before she dropped her first teeth but came undershot after. I also have two dogs that are close mouthed and i also wouldn't hesitate to use them on bitches. It's a recessive gene, both parents have to carry the fault. When you breed it helps to know the full family history of both parents, evrything else is just guess work, at the end of the day i'de sooner have a worker than a winner :toast: .

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an under shot jaw while not being desireable is not a serious fault IMO. there are far worse traits being carried by terrier strains such as spewing. i think breeding for apperance has messed up alot

I think by using an outcross,eventually the problem gets less and less,different if you kept breedind from your own stock,as for vets they only tell you what you want to hear and take your cash for te

I would have no problem breeding out of an undershot dog or bitch,if they were good enough . An undershot dog can still work as well as one with a good mouth

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i'm not sure if it is a simple recessive gene i have mated under shot to under shot and got sissor bites, sissor to sissor got undershot, mated two with sissor out of undershot and got sissor bite ? as long as they work ! ,

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jmo but if you have a dog/bitch which is under or over shod and has given you 5 plus seasons of good hard work without fail then would you not breed from it ? its only the show ponys that worry about things like this. granted its not ideal but if the dog had proved its self over and over then id have now problem breeding from it jmo atb lampy :thumbs:

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Guest hunterside

heres a pup my mate had both parents strait mouth and well bred but still throws under shot .post-7701-0-51781600-1312560359_thumb.jpgpost-7701-0-43392900-1312560386_thumb.jpg

doe`s he kick its arse every time he see`s it :whistling:

lol i know what you mean stig :laugh: no he took it back to the breeder :D

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I've two young dogs here both undershot one is now cured the other it won't be long both parents great mouths wouldn't bother me one bit it's nice for the mouth to be perfect but a bit of graft soon sorts the problem out I breed for work looks is un important they'll never see a show class and to be honest I judged a hunt show as a favour last year and picked a dog with as some would say a bad mouth over a show pony as it looked to have seen a bit of graft

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its a personal choice but once its in. its hard to shift. the main problem would be. the loss of teeth when working. bad mouths come in varying degree,s and some really bad mouths can effect the dogs eating. i was also led to believe that it is linked to cleft pallet. although i dont know if that is true. personally i would not but each to there owwn

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Guest wurzil

i'l bet all our terriers have a bad mouth ancestor somewhere in the family history but who gives a fukk, its only the show nobs who'l be bricking it cos they wont win a pretty little rosette!!!

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The under shot is a recessive gene, the genes have to match up to throw the physical signs of undershot. My only problem with under shot is the parents carrying the gene that have perfect mouths, are they not faulty themselves as they carry the gene.They just dont have the physical appearance of undershot. My oppinion is once the dogs teeth are healthy I couldnt give a shit undershot or scissor. If the show people decided undershot was nicer than scissor all show dog would be undershot. There are some show breeds the undershot thing is decireable.

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