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Three of mine and LJs new toys

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Now that Im back on my feet after so long here is just three of the new toys added to our hunting and HFT stable.


All brand new


Weihrauch HW100 with Hawke Tac 30 IR AO scope, Twink Mark 2 silencer and Deben bipod .177


BSA Ultra with Niko Stirling 4x32 scope and Weihrauch silencer .177 (LJ's hunting and HFT rifle)


BSA Scorpion SE 10 shot with Hawke Sports HD 3-12x50 AO IR and BSA VC silencer .177.


They have been getting some use just lately and are prooving quite impressive.


After a slow start and a few problems getting the Scorpion SE set up how i wanted it and shooting how i wanted it (not the rifles fault) i took a lased and witnessed 64 metres bunny with John (Wurtz) on his permission 2 days ago. I will be taking the stock back to its original wood next week as laura says it looks like a mint LOL.


The HW100 sporter is pellet on pellet and and the new Tac 30 is the best scope Ive ever owned.


Lauras Ultra is quite, light and pellet on pellet. A Ultra needs no intro though anyway (pure class).






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Those new SE Scorpions are great aren't they? Mary is cursing as she has had to have a second operation on her carpal tunnel to rebuild it. Hopefully soon she should have hers out. Congrats on the 64m bunny too. I have had a couple at longer than usual ranges, I am getting more confident in the Super 10! Hope you enjoy the new toys!

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well they all shoot pretty straight, thats for sure. just a shame they didnt get to see owt while you were down here but i reckon we can blame the heat for that on sunday avo, but like we said at the time, at least we were out in some beautiful countryside(and not f***ing shopping, god help us)...


the chinese was good tho!!


cheers, wurz

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hi Si & lj

its all looking good from here :thumbs:

well done on the long range shot si :thumbs:


and i hope the two of you are up for the southern hunter series H.F.T which starts 06/11/2011


speak soon



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Hi Davy,


Yes I think that me and Laura are defo up for the comp buddy.


You know us mate, we will travel any where to shoot and meet mates.




Hi John,


Thanks again pal for brilliant meet and 2 days shooting. Its not all about the size of the bag buddy. Both me and LJ loved just being out in the country stalking about and taking in the breath taking scenery.


Hi Mole,


Yes the Scorpion is a good rifle buddy. After i sorted a few things out with mine that confused me at first it managed to hit a 10mm target 7 times out of 9 straight after each other at 50 lased metres at Andys.


I wasnt fully confident with it at first as i missed some sitters on zero range thinking it was the rifle but it was me and poor windage application not the rifle. The 64 metres shot was with windage and angle as it was down a sleep valley so with all that correctly accounted for the rifle did me proud.



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At Andys permission last Saturday.


All shot by Andy and Davy with me doing all the filming from the back seat of the 4 by 4.


If i said that there is 30 rabbits here and 26 of them were shot cleanly from 45 to 79 yards would people believe me?


Well yes they were and all on clear camera :thumbs: and Davy and Andy were really on form.


The majority of the 26 were over 55 yards (No bull).


Going on the new DVD.


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Hi Davy,


Yes I think that me and Laura are defo up for the comp buddy.


You know us mate, we will travel any where to shoot and meet mates.






hi Si

thats good news!!

here are the dates for the comp,copied from BBS



Southern Hunter Series 2011/2012



Here are the dates and venues for the 2011/2012 series.


06/11/11 West London Rangers

27/11/11 Buxted

18/12/11 Mile Oak

08/01/12 Ford Ranges

22/01/12 Cambridge HFT

12/02/12 Iden Ferns

26/02/12 Lea Valley

18/03/12 Bisley


The series is open to all and will be shot using the 2011 UKAHFT rules and course format.

Experience is not necessary and the emphasis will be on having fun.

There will only be one session for each round starting at 1030. The cost will be £7 per round.

Scoring will be as per previous years with your best six scores counting for the years end total.

Badges will stay at £3 and five Gold badges will qualify for the coveted Platinum badge.






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Very nice arsenal you have there Si, I'm going to sell my MK4 and hopefully pick up a HW100, just gotta get my arse in gear and put it up for sale!!


The long range shots don't surprise me with the hunting skills of you three; Davy, Andy and yourself are all cracking marksmen. :thumbs:


Take it easy buddy and as always enjoy your shooting.


ATB, Andy

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