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Shooting feral cats

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Guest hunterside

Considering the immense damage that they do to our native wildlife, here, there is only one reasonable answer....


Of course!



totally agree, but they are tough feckers and can do damage to the dogs, i was asked to get rid of some on a old maggat farm happy times.

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On sight! 36grm BB is usually what I use. A few about the farm yard and sheds isnt a bad thing as they do seem to keep to the yard and keep the rats down abit but when there are shitloads and your finding them wandering the hedgerows miles from the yard then they need shooting asap! As soon as the farmer mentions them each year I crack onto it. They should all be shot and leave a few neutered ones really but there seems to be a constant feral population that just restocks itself from surrounding farms.

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the ones on the farm what my dad works on they are taking a remarkable amount of pheasants so crack down will start when i get home in two weeks, took two this year and there's still about 5 left before i started hunting on this permission the gamekeeper sorted out 11 in one month all living in old pig sheds

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If they need it,, but it can prove to be more hassle than it`s worth,, MAKE damn sure it`s feral !!



They potentially come with a heavy penalty if they aren't.


Good bait for charlie though ...a dead cat. An old head keeper I knew did offer an explanation as to why .......but its been so long that he told me I've forgotten what he said. :doh:

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