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Just before Christmas I bought a CZ.22LR from a new gun dealer and have never faulted it in any way. I paid £340 for the rifle itself. A friend of mine was interested in a .22LR and I took him down to see what was on offer. The dealer said he had new .22LRs in at £250 for rifle only. My mate looked at one and said OK. The make was PUMA. He sent off his application and had it back in 3 weeks. We went down and picked up new rifle and nikko stirling scope and moderator on thursday evening. We went to gun club grounds to zero scope and I now sort of feel guilty for getting him his rifle. Well the rifle, scope and moderator was OK, we got it spot on the bull at 25 yards consistantly with sub inch groups but out of maybe 45 50 rounds we had maybe 7/8 misfires., the magizine feed was rubbish. All we got was a click. sometimes she never picked up the round, other times she turned the top 2 rounds downwards into the mag. Maybe she will shoot herself in and operate ok maybe not, but I certainly would not be happy. What are your views.

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Take it back,, simple,

A rifle that consitently mis feeds of mis fires, is not doing the job it was intended for ,, consumer protection act and all that!! get the cash back and buy the CZ,,,

Can`t believe he never bought the CZ anyway!!




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From what you read in the forums, in my opinion when it comes to.22lr for hunting rabbits etc 80% of folk seem to have either a CZ of some description, CZ452 or a Ruger 10/22. But don't be too harsh on yourself we all make mistakes....its whether we learn form them that counts :thumbs:

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Well yes but . . . What ammo were you using? From what I've read on here, CCI can be really dodgy in some guns. Long cases that stick in mags and jam in breeches. Try a few different makes before you blame the gun - or yourself!

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hi terry, i also bought this bundle. yes you are correct i had some trouble initially loading shells ( probably had about 4-8 no fires). i quickly discovered that by taking a little care and pushing each shell to the rear of the magazine fully i have no more issues whatsoever. i have literally put a few thousand rounds through this now and have no issues. my only gripe with this rifle is that the scope ring will rub on the fixed sight. after some scope scratching i found that the fixed sight can be dismantled by the tiny screws. take a little care in placing the rounds (i now do it automatically) and enjoy a good piece of kit. very good value for money me thinks. jack

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