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Picking a pup

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I am due to pick a pup in the next week or so,

What do people look for when choosing a pup? I dont mean personality wise i mean build and feet mainly.

If you have 8 pups and some are going to turn out heavy and some racey are there any ways of telling them apart at a young age?



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I would say yes definitely visible as a pup.


I picked my pup from a litter of 9, 5 dogs and 4 bitches I think.


Sire was 26" sal/grey, well buil dog and the Dam was a 23" sal/whip/grey but very whippety and lightly built.


I wanted a dog like the sire and picked the second biggest dog. The biggest dog was quieter and also I didn't like his colouring, my pup was really lively and came straight up and started chewing my shoe, lol. There were 2 which were visibly thicker set and chunkier. And he is turning out very similar to the sire. A lad on here picked a smaller bitch and she is turning out the spit of the Dam I believe.



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