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recent projects (knives)

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hi all i have made theses this weekend, they are 2 of my GPK's (general purpose knives) blades made from 4mm 01 tool steel that has been professionally heat treated too 59 rockwell, they are both 227mm long and 34mm wide and have a satin finished blade with a semi polished edge.


here they are:








i also have one of my NSK's ( neck survival knives) for sale, it is made from laser cut 3mm 01 tool steel and has a rolled finish and is heatreated to 59 rockwell. It has a walnut handle with brass tube and pins and a mosaic pin in the centre and has black vulcanised fibre liners and a scandi zero grind. The knife is 158mm long by 25mm wide.This also has a handmade leather neck sheath by smallholder and is top quality.


here it is








id like too here your opinions on them ?


many thanks alex

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hi guys, because this little neck knife style NSK (neck survival knife) has gone down so well i will be making a few more of these, so if you pm me i will put you on the list too make you one.



many thanks alex

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Hi mate

They all look handy knives,nice work.

If you have time could you let me know a price for a GPK.

atb Matt

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