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Guest Runningdog69

Pups first lamp (s/b/g)

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Guest Runningdog69

just thought id share my pups first few experiences on the lamp...


Was out a few weeks ago with her for her first trip..shes been retrieving well and thought id give her ago..


I had a good area in mind an area with afew small plantations and game crop which had a good bit of it fenced off with rabbit wire, the rabbits had afew holes under it but when lampin them as you guys will know they forget where the holes are (thats what i find anyway) therefore the chips are in the dogs favour as most of the rabbits just bounce off the netting trying to get through,a good spot for a pup to get some hands on action...

That night she ran 4 rabbits and caught three which i was well happy about...2 off the netting, 1 picked up and a squatter....with that success i havent been out with her since..musnt get too over keen with just a young pup (9mths now).


Went out tonight, nice and wet with a little wind...Ran first rabbit which obviously knew the score and left the pup right behind and under the netting..she came bk straight away though..next slip yet again lost..


Next rabbit was quite abit out from the fencing so beam on, pup spotted it and let her off, just as she reached this rabbit another rabbit popped up from its seat and made its way right for my boot! (well sort of) pup still in hot pursuit of the other one..two turns and it was nabbed..squealing she brought it back to hand which i was very happy about..two rabbits from one slip!!! great!! That ended the night as wanted to end on a good note for the pup..hope she continues on like this..time will tell.....




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