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Hi abit of a question for you gamekeepers please. I have a young dog, broken to livestock and steady on pheasants who im going to start trying to aquire rabbiting/lamping permission for over the next couple of months. I live in a rural area which has a fairly large esate run shoot around it.


Basicaly the question is, is what could i offer the keepers as a reason to give me permision. I guess theres very little they actualy need from me which is the problem because they risk alot from letting me on but gain not much. I was going to offer help if they needed it for some reason, doin odd jobs for em or what ever.


Also another question the estate shoots over a large number of farms, i guess i need permission from the keepers and the farmers, who would it be better to ask first? Straight to the keeper then the farmer or other way round?



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You are right, most keepers can do the job with a rifle far better and with less hassle than letting you on to do it with a dog.


So basiclly it's who you know. Beating, offering to help out on work parties, all will help. But generally befriending folk that are involved with the shoot and being a VERY nice and helpful bloke may get you a bot. That of course is assuming that there isnt already someone who has got their way in with a dog. If thats the case, your pretty much fecked.


As for the farms, depending on what kind of shoot it is and how it's run, then its probably the farmers you need to speak to about vermin control. If they are just leasing the shooting rights then they have say over who goes on the land (assuming that nothing about it is written into the lease). They will often be quite happy to get someone in to sort the bunnies. Again assuming someone has not beat you to it.


However if it is a bit estate and the estate owns the farmland and leases it to the farmers, then you need to speak to both parties and you my be best going to the keepers first, as being able to say that you do pesting on the shoot etc will probably get you in. If the keepers say no, i'd still go to each farm and ask, as when it comes to rabbits, the farmer has the right (usually) to get someone in to do it.


Dress smart and be polite. :thumbs:

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offer a helping hand before they are geting there birds and work ur bolloacks off and then ask if u can shoot some vermin all depending on the keeper though some are just funny about who they let shoot but if u give them a hand every now and then they will soon come round too folk that dont take the piss

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