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super powerful catapult bands

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i am always trying to improve and make my catapults more powerful, i think i have found the perfect taper, my new bands can shoot a 12mm lead ball over 300 feet per second, i killed a rabbit outright the other day with a body shot, i have never seen or heard of any bands putting out this much power before! please click on the link below and let me know what u think,, john






i want one with tapered bands mate. why dont you have any on ebay anymore? and could you make me one please? aand i want something really small like the poachers friend



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So i'm a noob to all things hunting/outdoors (you have to start somewhere right) ... is this legal like i know there was those blackwidow slingshots it think they were called those aren't 'legal' are they?

anyway cheers for any reply

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