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What you listening to at the moment.

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11 minutes ago, Arry said:

Had the pleasure of seeing them in 1974. Lol where dose time go. Best Gig I every went too.

I think I've said before we pushed dope seeds into Wembley turf and could not stop laughing at the thought of grass coming up in the grass.


Cheers Arry


I was only 2 then 😂 

My son actually had that playing in his room the other week, been a long time since I heard it. Amazing the memories music gives us. This thread has enriched my Spotify playlist 10 fold!

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Of course i have a 19 yr old student working with and she asked what music i was into which led me rapidly down memory lane here is my Madness vinyl collection  bottom pic is of a comic

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5 minutes ago, dytkos said:

They used to play regularly in the next pub to ours back in the early 90s 👍

Cheers, D D.

Would have loved to see them D. Was that in Cornwall mate?

Cheers Arry

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24 minutes ago, Bearfoot said:


One hell of a voice. imo one of the best female singer ever. The a cappella when she sings "The Wagoners Lad shows off the tunefulness of her voice.

Cheers Arry

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