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Tomm Parr

Wine for the spring

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There are dandelions everywhere at the moment, so here is is a recipe for all the wine lovers. Its my own method; there are hundreds of ways of making each wine.


Dandelion wine - makes a gallon (about 5-6 bottles)

pan1 - 1 lb flowers, 5pints water. simmer 20m, strain, discard flowers. Add juice of a lemon and orange, 1 cup raisins.

pan2 - 2lb sugar and 1 pint water. stir and simmer until sugar is dissolved.

Mix pots and cool to room temp.

Add started yeast and fit the airlock.

When bubbles stop, rack the wine. RACKING - siphon to new dj, leave sediment in old one, top up new dj with water.

Wait 2m, then rack again.

Wait 2m, then rack again.

Wait 4m then bottle.

Bottle. Leave 4m.

If its then ok, drink it. Otherwise, leave it a few more months.


I made 2 gallons in May 2009: It was horrible when i tried it in May 2010.

So i left it a further 4m, until September 2010 and it was very nice.

I still have some left now (23m afterwards) and it is very very nice.

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Sounds nice, will try that soon, my allotment is covered in the b*****d things, so might aswell make good use of them instead of feeding them to the guinea pigs haha.



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