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non-ballistic ballistic heads.

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I used to use v-max heads in my .223 at both 55gr and 40gr and i could be certain that each rabbit or fox there would be practicaly nothing left of it or a massive hole.


i couldnt get v-max on my last visit so brought a bulk load of nosler's was told they were the same thing and did the same job, what a load of coblers, they are just as accurate as the v-max but i recon about 90% of the heads ive shot dont expand (about 50 so far) now is there a load issue here as to why they arn't expanding or are they just not as good?


i did change powder between the vmax and noslers, i was useing H322 im now using N140.

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Bullet make up, may be the issue, although they have a plastic tip, the jacket could be thicker, and the core harder, It could be a game round rather than varmint,


check out the details of the bullet maker, for a detailed explanation of what the round was desgned for, rather than listen to a dealer,

As 90 percent of the time they know fook all,


there are a few good guys out there who offer sound advice in shops but they are few and far between, most just look for the pound signs....



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the heads i have are classed as a varmint round on the nosler website, although they show them only fragmenting at 3000fp/s which maybe the v-max fragment at a lower velocity.


i mean im not complaining about them in terms of ive had no runners when shooting and they are accurate just not used to there being a whole rabbit to pick up rather than parts.

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