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I've been into metal detecting since the 80's and detectorists were always advised to search molehills as they could bring historical artefacts up from depth and deposit them in the hills, ready for you to find.

In all the years I've been detecting I have always done this and never found a bloody thing. Since being a full-time molecatcher I've sifted through thousands of molehills and again never found a thing.

I'm always dreaming that some day I'll pick up a handful of soil from a hill and a gold sovereign will drop out.

Is there anyone out there who has found any coins/artefacts/other interesting stuff in a molehill ?

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Theres a Roman villa near me and when i saw the mole hills i thought i would introduce myself.

The lady at the desk said they always look into the moles excavations as they often thow up pottery etc, she said its like having a dig onsite permenantly.

Needless to say they didn't want my services, he who dares wins Rodney, he who dares wins! :thumbdown:

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Not in mole hills but a few years back in 1 of my pheasant pens i found a very interesting glass cross with celtic writing on it. The birds while dusting sometimes get down to a shiny object and they will all have a peck away at it and reveal it. Anyway i took this cross and cleaned it up, it had a hole in the top which look like there had been some kind of chain or rope for going around your neck. After a while i had a random conversation about where i stay with my neighbour and he reckoned that my small holding once had some kind of monks living here? I have searched for that bloody cross but to no avail....it must have been chucked out when the house was cleared when my Grandad passed away..... :wallbash:

Its probably nothing but i still wonder, maybe al see it going for a million on The Antiques Roadshow one day......... :cry:

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Bloody hell lab! You could well rue losing that. I found a fossilised sea-horse on the beach when i was a kid, you could see all the detail, i lost that too and reckon it was prob worth something.

To be honest mate am just hoping its nothing, am scared to look it up just incase its worth a bomb..... :laugh:

I've found lots of pieces of broken plate and things that the birds have dug up too.......i've toyed with the idea of getting a metal detector just to see what i get, i'd probably be pissed off digging up old spanners and hammers thats been lost over the years.. :laugh:

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Once found a 1935 penny excavated by mister mole.......sitting on a mole hill.... and also a round piece of circular flint that had obviously been worked.........but appart from the odd bit of broken clay pipe nothing else of any importance. Metal detecting is another thing though...... and i have found many artifacts and coins using the old detector.

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i found a broken set of false teeth once in a mole hill , found the odd bit of pottery and bits of broken clay pipe , but nowt worth owt


Well...in future use better gum glue then you,ll neither lose them nor break them!!! :haha:

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there are some bronze age ramparts near me and the rangers on the site have no permission for archeological digs so sift the mole hills, they have found arrow heads, pottery, brooches and all sorts. amazing really keep you fingers crossed for that sovereign, you never know.


atb rob

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