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walk/stand shoot guns with dogs wanted Scottish borders not a large shoot just a few lads out for the day.pm for details.

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id love too, but im at college in penrith doing keeping, so i'd never be at home to actually shoot :wallbash:

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Going to be at the shoot all day on SAT; so if you want to take a look at whats on offer your welcome to come and see :D

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two places left in the shoot guns don't have to have a dog (dogs are still welcome but we have enough to cover the work ) walk/ stand two teams with maximum of 5 guns a team, total 10 guns £400 p.g.p.s.minimum 8 days with duck flighting at the end of the driven days+ boxing day+ in january most sats depending on what game is on the shoot we can expect to hunt most quarry from rabbits to snipe and woodcock . also walk about up on small grouse moor and a few boundry days shooting rabbits over the dogs .D.i.y. shoot but its up to you how much you get involved with the shoot as most of the guns work some can't make it to the work days what with shifts or overtime. we have no penaltys for not turning up just the pzzzs taken out of them by the others :rolleyes: PM me if you want to know more. :signthankspin:

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John is one of the lads who shot with us last season he's of to pastures new nearer to where he lives ,but he took these pics and has kindly put them up for me as i wanted to show anyone who is interested a view or two of the shoot.thanks for looking.and :signthankspin: john.

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I remember this place ! I was down there a couple of years ago with a mate in November 2008 and I recall it was a great day and nice terrain with a good variety of quarry we had a great day until I fell over in the bog and got soaked!


This was what we shot between the four of us :






A bit far for me, but I am surprised you have any places left ! Good luckthumbs.gif

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you'r going back a bit but i remember its a good job you got soaked at the end of the day or you would have had to put up with the leg pulling from your mates :friends: for a lot longer . we normaly only have 1 or 2 places to fill but some of the lads lost there jobs and two found a shoot closer to home(they came all the way from the glasgow area ).anyway we will still enjoy the days on the place as we have enough to make our line of guns but still room to offer anyone who's looking to start out and try a syndicate or an old hand who wants a change :welcomeani: and if not then days like you had will be on offer as a d.i.y. shoot we don't want a profit just enough to cover our overheads so we may nead the cash from a few rough days to pay for corn depending on what the cost per ton will be this year.dave have a good season and keep out of the bog :stinker:

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    • By Rob Golding
      South east essex shoot syndicate has 5 places for this year's coming season we have 1000arce shoot set in woodlands meadows and arible farm land also we have 2 flight ponds for this coming season we will be putting 2000 birds down this season along with the ducks there's pigeon shooting out side game season work party's are a must you will be asked to do at least five per season there are 10 shoot days fully driven pm me for more details 
      The price is £1000 per gun no haft guns cheers bob
      Email bobbygolding@hotmail.co.uk 
    • By Savanna
      Halo guys, here is our sable special for 2019. Now this fantastic deal has no size limits, and we do offer some very big sable. This is an all inclusive package, just doesnt include your alcoholic beverages, airfare, taxidermy costs and tips. 
      Package includes
      5x full hunting days
      1x sable bull
      All permits
      Total 3950euro or $4650
      We do have an incamp camara man, so we put your unforgettable experience on film for you to enjoy for years to come. Of for any reason you do not shoot your sable, you get a 2800euro or $3200 refund. All I need to hold your dates is a 500euro or $750 deposit, and you pay the rest on the last evening of the hunt.
      Come to Africa and hunt one of its proudest animals.

    • By Savanna
      Here is our annual buffalo special. Just like lastyear we are putting out 2 Cape buffalo bulls for a fantastic price. The package includes everything except your alcoholic beverages, airfare, taxidermy costs and tips. The hunt is on foot by tracking. 
      Package includes
      5x full hunting days
      1x buffalo bull
      All permits
      7950euro or $8850
      If for any reason you do not shoot your buffalo, we do refund 5000euro or $5750. To book your hunt we only need 500€ or $750 deposit, and you pay the rest of the amount on yout last evening of the hunt. I do pick you up at OR TAMBO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and we drive to the hunting area. 
      Extra animals and days can be added to the package. Also non hunters are welcome at 150euro or $180 per person per night. 

    • By thuskjaer
      Mbalabala Safaris has since 1985 offered big game hunts in Zimbabwe. They only offer hunts in areas where they are confident that there is a good amount of game, so there are good chances that the visiting hunters will succeed.

      The buffalo hunt will take place in an area in northern Zimbabwe called Makuti, which is an approx. 500,000ha large and not fenced - free range hunting. The area has not been hunted for 7 years, until last year, which means that there is a good number of dagga boys who roam in small herds, the so-called "bachelor herds". Last year they had a fantastic season where the area provided some beautiful mature buffalo bulls.

      The price is 10,000euro and includes:

      • 7 day guided hunting 1: 1 with a professional hunter

      • Trophy fee for 1 buffalo

      • All meals

      • All drinks

      • Airport pickup/delivery

      Not included in the price:

      • Flights to / from Zimbabwe

      • Visa - $ 35

      • Hotel stays before / after the hunt

      • Shipment of trophies

    • By hily
      New members with dogs wanted for our syndicate in the SCOTTISH BORDES.