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best buy at the £200 mark

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looking to spend about £ 200 on a new or s/h rifle pre or spring

any suggestions or ideas for the "best bang for the buck" so to speak


please no offers



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Well Anton, the world is your oyster as they say. If you intend spending £200 on a PCP, have you any dosh to buy filling equipment, this going to bump the price up even further. I use both springers and PCPs and although it's great to have 8 or 10 shots at your finger tips, I think I still get a better "buzz" from a springer.

Loads of choice second hand for your your sort of money, not too many PCPs at that price though, Air Arms S200 is the one I'd be looking at, I find them a lovely little gun.

Springers?, definitely Weirauch, the 90 (gas ram), 95 or 97, normal or carbine, your choice. Webley Longbow, BSA's, Air Arms TX200 is very popular......loads and loads of choice.


Out of the ones I've mentioned, the TX200 is the only one I haven't fired, but I'm sure one of the guys on here will provide the necessary............Al :thumbs-up:

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