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got the permish

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well good day today after all the info that was given to me very gratefull of :) i have been down to the local farmer and ask him and [bANNED TEXT] you no he sed yes would be glad to let me shoot the rabbits cus he says there doin lot of damge. ok so that is sorted but [bANNED TEXT] methods do u think will be most preductive ?? and could any one reomend a relitvly cheep but good rifle lamp and mounts ect ??? adive allways extreamly welcome

all the best tim

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Guest The Shaman

Tim it all depends on your budget mate. And then decide if you want a gun mounted lamp or hand carried. I have a clulite CB2 - brilliant.


Theres guys on here who lamps etc for sale, I'm sure they will add something to this thread if they have.


There are a couple of websites to go to if you don't mind second hand you can get a real bargain on Airgunbbs.com.


Best of luck to you and congratulations on getting some permission. :victory:

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Guest king ratcatcher

Glad to hear it all worked out well, if your after a lamp, have a look at the deben tracer, i use one and its never let me down, theres also a logun lamp which is a bit cheeper, you can get them new on ......... http://www.uttings.com/ or ................... http://www.airgunbuyer.com/ Also as shahman said if your on a budget then have a look in the for sales section on the bbs ........ http://www.airgunbbs.com/forums/


Id try eirly morning and just before its getting dark on the bunnys, you should go out a few times and sus out all the hot spots and warrens ect, ive had a few rabbits by sitting 25 yards away from a big warren, and waiting for them to come out, of coarse being as silent as possible, not a sound !! when they do come out, lift your rifle VERY slowly and pick them of :)

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