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What budget air rifle for bunnies?

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Well they are actually cheaper than that buddy if you buy from Youngmans air rifles.



A lightweight sporter with heavyweight performance. This break barrel rifle gives you all the power that you need.


.177 or .22


Now includes Weirauch Silencer


Overall length 43" (109 cm)


Weight 7 lbs.



Price: £269.99 (Including: VAT at 17.5%)

nice one, cheers for that palthumbs.gif

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try a hw 99s. £200 but then youl need a scope. i had one of these. it was the best springer iv ever owned. iv had the 80, the 90, and the 97, but i rated the 99s over the others. maybe its because im small build, but id have another, deffo.

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Now then ladies please put away your handbags ;)


Mole, thanks for your input, but I'm not sure why you feel the need to tell us about your experience with the Weihrauch which may have been modified as chances are I'll find a good 'un instead of the dog you tried.


Once again thanks for all the advice, I now have a little more of an idea of what I'm looking at, have upped my budget and now want to try out a second hand AA TX200 (I know there’s not much in it between the AA TX200 and Weihrauch HW97, but I like the idea of buying British!) :)




Good choice mate your not going to regret buying a Air Arms TX200 thats for sure :thumbs:

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