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What budget air rifle for bunnies?

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Is it just me or am I reading the same posts over and over and over ,,,,,,,,,ad infinitum!


Getting boring now.

Hopefully any new shooter that was reading this will have taken out the advise they were looking for and will make decisions based on advice from the experienced shooters on here ! :thumbs::thumbs:





well said the same post over and over over again again oh did i just repeat repeat myself must be something someting the the thread

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You are way out of line Mole, Si Pittaway is a very well respected member on this forum, he gives an honest opinion when people ask him. He is a top notch bloke and anyone who says otherwise is talking bollocks, and also keep his family out of your petty argument.





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Think everyone should just leave this alone now, whats saids been said, things got said that was out of line and this whole thread spiralled into something mental. Mole's put up a separate thread apologising and Si has accepted. In my opinion this thread should just be left alone now, well at least all this arguing should be, and the thread should get back onto the subject it started with


We are supposed to be knows as the friendliest section on this forum guys

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Theres not really a lot of arguing going on, just a silly statment made that has been sorted,

It`s just getting repetitive because someone keeps cutting and pasting the same stuff over and over


Don`t worry, we`re not quite the lurcher forum yet ! :blink::laugh:

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Now then ladies please put away your handbags ;)


Mole, thanks for your input, but I'm not sure why you feel the need to tell us about your experience with the Weihrauch which may have been modified as chances are I'll find a good 'un instead of the dog you tried.


Once again thanks for all the advice, I now have a little more of an idea of what I'm looking at, have upped my budget and now want to try out a second hand AA TX200 (I know there's not much in it between the AA TX200 and Weihrauch HW97, but I like the idea of buying British!) :)



now, i will freely admit that i have noodle arms and my old tx200 used to kill me after a few hours out. after this experience i dont think i'd have an underlever rifle again. just my opinion, and im not slating the rifle at all as i know its world class, just a bit heavy if you're a weakling like me.



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Update on bunny killers, got permission to do some rabbit shooting today, the wife does not want to go and lay down in the dirt with her Diana 280 .177, so is in the same situation. Rang a gun dealer and he recommended the Hatsan 60S, which he was doing with a Hawke 3-9x40 scope and mounts for under £130. She likes the weight and feel of mine so that is what she is going for! So 2 Hatsans now. At least it will be easy to tell them apart, hers will have the Truglo fibre optics on it and mine will not lol!

Doesn't anyone on this site care for BSA's?

I bought a second hand Supersport for £20 that was new in 1988.Plenty powerful and acurate too I've shot loads of Ferals and squirrels round the Stable area and, as a favour to the local Vic, Ferals roosting around the Church. Regards. J.H.S.


Yeah but those sort of guns are on a equivalence of Hens Teeth, Rocking Horse Manure and Self Detonating Lettuces, we are going for what we know, what we like and what is good value!

"On a equivalence......" Surely> "Equivalent to" ???

P.S. The last time I was on the Uttings site they had been selling Supersports at £175 and sold out. Regards. J.H.S.

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just a bit heavy if you're a weakling like me.


Hi mate,


Have you ever thought of trying the HW95K buddy? Have you seen the new ones that Blackpool air rifles are now selling?


Weihrauch have now shortened the barrel on their HW95 model and they look great.


Its a really capable rifle pal and one i rate highly. For me personally its the best light weight hunter springer that ive ever used.


I agree that AA springers can be on the heavy side, but me personally i like that as i find it arrests the recoil better.


I miss my ProSport she was awesome.






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yeah , Si mate, iv had a quick look at em, and seen the one you have in action in some of your vids. iv never actually held one though. i think i'll get the guy in my local gunshop to give us a ring if one comes in second hand as i can't justify paying full price for a new one when im perfectly happy with the rifle i have. i would really like one though, just for a change once in a while.

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Well they are actually cheaper than that buddy if you buy from Youngmans air rifles.



A lightweight sporter with heavyweight performance. This break barrel rifle gives you all the power that you need.


.177 or .22


Now includes Weirauch Silencer


Overall length 43" (109 cm)


Weight 7 lbs.



Price: £269.99 (Including: VAT at 17.5%)

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