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if anyone one wants to see the dogs run you are more than welcome .if you want to come and take the dog and see how you you get on with the dog .if it dont sute the bring it back and you can get your money back .also i dont no who FRANCIC55 is but i dont keep jackers only good dogs .what i will do is i have a good bit of permission i will run him for £5000 with his dog or any of his mates dogs that he wants to run .i will bring all three of my match dogs down and he can chose witch one he wants to run with. and i will let ten people of this site come and watch this match and they can all go back to there computeres and put up what they thort of the match..so frances ring me or get one of your mateS to ring and get it on .if he agrees then .i will get ten of you sorted to come and watch diffrent people from diffrent parts of england would be good and people he knows as well would be good and we see if there jackers or not .im no bull shiter the money there if you want to run FRANCIC55. DONT WORRY LADS IF YOU COME AND WATCH IS ALL ON PERMISSION .

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