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Quiet walk out with the Falcon.

J Darcy

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The other day i had a quick walk in the local woods with the Falcon. This gun is now ten years old and still shoots as sweet as a nut. Managed to shoot four woodpigeon that were in high beeches and missed a couple when the pellet hit an unseen branch. :blink: Also two squirrels met their maker, the first one came scurrying, spread eagle round my sid of an old oak when the dog went to the other side.A twenty yard shot brought him down. The next was clamped verticaly onto an old tree and i have to shoot sharply upward. A tricky shot and i held slightly low, drilling the tree-rats vitals and he came spinning to earth. All happened in the space of an hour, so an enjoyable trek. :thumbs:


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Good shootng. I think squirels have to be my favourite airgun quarry. How do you find the Falcon mate? I've always liked the look of the lighthunters and wouldn't mind an FN8 or even a FN12 at a push. I've been looking at the little brocock contour closely and am torn on what to keep a look out for next.

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Nice going j darcy :thumbs: i also grabbed a chance when then sun shone a little the other day on the side of a local wood.All went well when i spotted three feeding(then the phone rang :thumbdown: ) area noted i went back today and bagged two with the old vulcan topped with the 3x9x42 aoi.One at 40 yard other at 25 :boogie: them falcons are great guns my mate dropped his and smashed the stock badly,cannot beat a stalk on the greys.

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HHHMMMMMMMMMM Very good Darcy , i see you posting in the airgun section a little bit of late . I remember a time when we were lucky to see you post in anything but the `Photography ` section , brownie point for you JD .

Thanks Buster. I don't really post anywhere anymore. Certainly nothing about hunting, but i will just put a few stories up to let people know that good bags can be had with any gun, no matter what age, as long as it shoots straight. :thumbs: Going to start on the maggies soon and i hope to beat my evenings record bag of 21! watch this space! lol :thumbs:

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