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A Dog's Reputation

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I hear alot lately this dog is the best in the game and this dog is sh*t at its job


If you had the dog of your dreams, done the work well, everything you challenged it too an it performed each time, would you publisize your dogs reputation on a website such as this one each time it goes out on the job?


As to me its good to put up certain posts about your dog - who dont like commenting on their own dogs performance, but in another way if you are boasting about my dog done this and that, best dog you have ever owned, do you think this would encourage the dog to be a target for some people on the look out for nicking dogs etc? (as it does happen)

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What Eva Floats Ya Boat init , some people are big headed and some people keep there dogs to themself (no public viewing) and above , so does that mean if i stay in the house with the dog and never take it out does that mean its a good dog ???

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if you av a dog thats good at what it dose its up to you if you tell every tom dick and harry (I WOULDNT) but once the word is out you will need eyes up your fooking arse watching for the the jelous dog theiving c**ts that will take the dogs from you and then what you got nothing ATB JEPPI :thumbs:

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the less people know about your dogs the better ,alot of lads big up their dogs and then low and behold a month or two later a litter of pups is advertised out of them


You see that a lot in the EDRD mag! not saying that the dogs are bad its just see a story about this or that lurcher and low and behold pups for sale in the next months mag! Its like feck me that was handy! if it was six months or a year later fair enough! good dogs do not need advertising they are gone and the best stuff around can never be bought does not matter how many £000000 are at the end of the cheque! Fact

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dogs are getting nicked all the time,good and bad workers some even none workers,

people who big there dogs up on the internet saying "it dose this and dose that"

will be attracting unwanted attention even more, even tho they are probably talking shit.


alot of good dog men know which dogs are doing well from word of mouth.

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