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Air rifle permission wanted

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Two mature brothers require pest control permission, both very experienced, safe and insured. Rats, doves, rabbits, pigeons etc anything required


Please send me an email countywidetreeco@aol.com or pm me on this site


Many thanks



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while someone is dishing out permission I will have some too, but I expect at least 200+ acres and I dont drive so you will have to pick me up and drop me off :laugh:


Mate no one will give you permsission so you will have to go and find some yourself like most people, I take it that you shoot air rifles so if you have'nt already then go on the airgun section and introduce yourself, they are nice people on there and you may be lucky and get an offer, if not then look at some other posts to see how to gain permission :thumbs:


good luck

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I'm from Ipswich and have got a tiny bit of permission, really bugs me not having alot but I realise nobody's going to just hand It straight out to me! ;)

Good luck in finding some though..



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