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Affordable Lithium ion battery for lamping

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Wrong - It depends on the bulb that you use, not the lamp. A 100W bulb will pull 8.33 Amps an hour so of course It will work just not as long as a 22A batt...



I totally agree with you mate.....the amp/hr is only an indication on how long the battery can run a certain amp for a certain length of time.....if you want your lamp to last longer go for a higher amp/hr battery!

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True Dabi :thumbs: And that's what I was trying to get across. Saying It won't power It :blink: Obviously a 22a batt will last longer than a 7a but If you can run your lamp for a night on the smaller batts, 7, 10, whatever then I'd rather do that. Means I can run faster and carry more game :victory: Each to there own though.

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