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Jill ferret wont let me lift her when ferreting

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I have a two year old jill ferret, she worked very well last year & when I went over to get her back she would sometimes jump into her carry box & other times she would come to a dead rabbit & then I would just lift her.


This season she has been out about three times, she still hunts good & is bolting plenty of rabbits but getting her back is becoming a nightmare & it is getting worse, now she is not even interested in a dead rabbit most of the time & just jukes down the hole. She is flesh fed & also well handled & would never bite, but its getting to a point where she is becoming too much hassle, the sets I do are mostly hedges & I think I will end up not getting her back if it keeps up. Any advise would be welcome.




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mine was exactly the same mate. once, we ferreted a wood, put her in an earth and didnt realise the whole wood just connected up to make one super warren :icon_eek: whenver we went near her she jus f****d off down the hole, she gave us he run around for about 2 hours. i jus stopped taking her out for a little while and handled her more and more now she is good as gold. Also ive heard that if u whistle when u feed them hey will come to you with a whistle. good luck mate.

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i always squeak and call his name when i feed my ferrets and the lads i go out with carnt believe how my ferret will come out of a warren and follow me down the field when i call him lol, we unless theres a rabbit there that is.


handle her and feed her from your hand as much as possible and tell her off if she bites they get the message and will follow you like a dog.

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