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whippet x greyhound

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i am having trouble finding the right pup so any help would be well appreciated.i would prefer a 3/4 greyhoundx 1/4 whippet but may have a 1st cross.i want a dog around the 25inch mark so this may mean big parents which may be around and above the 25inch but obviously there aint many big whippets which is why i want a 3/4 bred.i also want a blue bitch pup so this may meen blue parent or parents and the parents have to be working and have took fox,deer,hare and rabbit before the ban .so it will be a very big help if someone knows of this breeding or may be be breeding a litter later next year which fits this description i will be well interested and will travle a few miles for the right pup as it will be me working it for the rest of its life.


good hunting



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