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Guest Ditch_Shitter
heres mine payed 15 quid for it ...



O.M.G!!! Beag's; Just reassure me that Hasn't got a name on the back, mate? And, if it has ... and it was bought as an 'old' mount ..... Tell Me that the surname doesn't begin with " S " ???


If it does? Sit down. Stay calm. Accept NO offers on it!


I'm Probably completely wrong and it's just a cracking facsimile. Only it looks disgustingly like the work of one of The Most sought after Taxidermists of all time! :icon_eek:


It certainly has his style written all over it, mate. What's written on the back, please?

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looks like it could be a spicer.... :hmm:


Yep, crossed my mind too JD, spicers[ that i,ve seen] always have the head of the subject to one side, and always are snarling, with the characteristic wrinkled nose, that spicer was so good at, also, the ivory shield looks very spicer-esque.However, it doesnt look to have that other classic spicer trait.....purple gum, and tongue paint, his stuff, again only the ones i,ve seen personally, were always off colour, on these parts. Easy way to tell, turn it over bully, it will say, Peter Spicer...Leamington Spa on the back.

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