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andrea sherriff

Tally looking for a forever home

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You must live in a fantasy world, just becuase he chases rats and anything else doesn't make him a working dog. Every post you keep saying he does the rat thing, that doesn't mean he will work on rats or anything else for that matter. The dog is a pet and by the sounds of it an unruley one. Walking on a long line or a hulti isn't a good advert for a working dog, mine don't go on leads unless they have to non of them would run off and notstop if recalled. £170 quid no one will pay on here, why pay that when you can buy a well bred pup for the same money.


I know pet owners like to think of dogs as humans there not there animals bred to do a job if they don't then there is no point in keep paying out for them. This idea you have about him living a fairy tale life on a nice small holding in the middle of no where, where he can run free and do "the rat thing" then retire on his masters knee in front of a roaring fire aint gonna happen.

Maybe your right, but theres no harm in her trying ,is there ???? it is going to be a difficult dog to rehome but stranger things have happened and wether it's rehomed or not it's no skin off your nose either way,so what's the problem ?? if you've nothing positive to say why not say nothing at all and just leave the woman alone , ATB getting the dog rehomed.

Seems the impossible is possible after all , Tally left us for his new home in Cheshire on Monday , he has gone to a rural home to live along side a rescue JRT , the lady who has adopted him was bought up on a farm and knows her dogs / animals, rescently widowed Tally is to be her prodject dog , he will be worked and today ive had word that he is doing his job better than she had ever wished for , better than the JRT they used to have on their farm .


She appreciated that in our enviroment it was difficult to let him do what he knew he should do but now he has ground to work he is thriving .

he flushes and is a natural at vermin controll .


thanks to those who gave possitive responses , to the others who doubted me or the dog then maybe just maybe there should be room for compasion , and faith .



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Good news Andrea and well done :thumbs: hope the dog as a safe and secure future.

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