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The reason you should 'soak' Rabbit meat in salt water.

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sorry just seen there were more replies to this I hadn't answered.


Ian any chance you could explain where the Glands are? is it either side of the bum, below the tail?



i freeze mine strait away, so would i just let it defrost then put in salt water?? and for how long???


What I do is cut it up into portions or chunks (for stew) then put it in a freezer bag before freezing it, then when I want to eat it, I simply take it out the day before I want it and bung it in a bowl of salted water and cover it with a tea towel or cling film. The frozen rabbit will help keep it all cool and fresh so no need to put it in the fridge.

Then the next day drain it, wash it under the tap in a collinder then start cooking.

If I'm slow cooking then it goes in the pot on low heat with everything else before I leave for work in the morning and dinners ready when I get back.


Tip - I boil the water first to help dissolve the salt then let it cool to room temperature before adding the Rabbit.

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if you sell the rabbbits its a good idea also as it has the effect of "bleaching" ,any tooth or bullet damage you will notice cuts abbrasions etc before you put in the salt water after its been in over night its all the same colour masking the damage

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