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north warwickshire beagles


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Hi all, when i have some decent money again, i am seriously thinking about getting a weihrauch to have modifyed by v-mach or sandwell sports :clapper:

Thing is i have always fancied either a hw95 or a HW 99s, not sure why, i like cheap and quaility rifles ;)

Has anoyone got any pics of tuned rifles.

Also what are these rifles like STD???



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The 95 mate. I think Sandwell do a awsome job on tuning for around the £30 mark. Failing that get one of the british Webleys they tune those as well.

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ive used the HW95k for a few yrs now in standard trim. At 45 yrds with good shot placement it will drop all your air rifle quarry no probs. I have had an HW80 at 26 ft lbs on a fac and to be honest, if your going to get an fac you may as well get a rimfire.




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I use a V-Mach tuned Air Arms Pro Sport in .177, best springer I've used..........Al :thumbs-up:

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