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A line is only worth its name if it used extensively,...poor performers need to be removed and young stock should only be offered to men that can enter them sensibly, and test them to the full over a

Got to laugh...pulling up threads from 10 yrs back ...in the hope some mug blows some smoke up his arse🙈 If he was the real deal...then he wouldn't of had a 10 yr break... dogs are a way of life

Has anyone else noticed that nipples seem to be in fashion? Spent a few hours in Newcastle today and it was quite bizarre the number of lasses walking about not wearing a bra. Hasn't got anything to d

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Listen boys let's forget the foolish bantering  I on my part was just winding you up and anticipateing who would rice for the bite hard ...just as I predicted. Wham bang  my rod so to speak bent  like a bow....no I don't believe I breed the best by a.ong way because to be perfectly honest and truthful  I Don't!!!!!!I am however breeding a 2nd phase of whippet x greyhound longdogs...its just a hybrid of my choosing, a wham bang merchant  which has limitations just like any other lurcher type or longdog hybrid. A longdog that suits me and perhaps others??? Yours in sport carl Williams  Rhondda South Wales. 

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On 19/05/2021 at 08:47, C.green said:

As you say i got no horse in this race just way daniel cain said it i thought he might know abit more than most. 

im not a fan of the warrener hes a sly old dog but im very careful not to tar people through hearsay and association. Dog thief aint sommat to be chucked about so casually 

He didn’t nick the dog ,he was given a dog by someone wich wasn’t there’s to give , the young lad  and dad got in touch with him told him what had gone on and refused to give the dog back even tho the lad who gave him the dog admitted it wasn’t his to give , there was topic on here about it where the lad had seen him at a game fair and pat got all his mates muscle in and then he f****d off , that’s what was put on here any way , if it’s true , well suppose on the lad and pat noes for sure what happened 

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I remember ginger French  leny  purchasing LUKE a purebred  imported coursing saluki from the bare knuckle fighters Stanley brothers for a fee of £2000 we are talking 30 odd years ago...big money then and still is now!!!! However,like was a match dog taking 3 from 3 single handed with effortlessly pace and lightning thrust he was like most saluki/saluki crosses running a hare half hearted almost really humiliating its chosen quarry.l liked lenny a real character who knew to make a few quid or two I would not want to imagine the  amount of bitches that we're  sired by him literally dozens to say the least.?..God bless you lenny and a saluki legend LUKE!!!!

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Ok here is the plan im using a purebred  coursing  whippet  bred with the BOWLINE bloodline  in its breeding ingredients  i will then  put him to carefully selected well-balanced TICO Irish bred coursing greyhounds  in order to produce  an end product a genuinely bred longdog/hybrid  with the tattooed initial CW in the left ear exactly as I did with my initial breeding project back in the 70s 80s and early part of the 90s.Now then it will only be the half bred and three quarter bred hybrids  for it then  becomes  an end product  ...finito!!!y yours in sport carl Williams BOWLINE longdogs. 

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