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pictures of bull greyhounds

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you lot have never seen a lurcher they are not even class as lurcher you f*****g idoits so you can go suck big willie and get a proper killing dog f**k you

:signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin:

you don't know how to rear a dog never mind slaging lads of

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My bull x bitch not far of a year old now.






whats the breeding in this?


thats a fine looking dog

credit to you fella :notworthy:

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