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wrecking crew

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At least the lads where out there putting the work in front of the dogs,more than most bitching about it on here ??

Bill, if someone had an elephant, you'd have a bag to keep it in ffs. Cheers, D.

I think anyone who thinks these lads dogs didn't do the numbers single handed aswel havnt got a clue.these lads dogs did more in a day/nite than I'd have in a month or 2 I'd of loved to do the numbers

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wrecking crew dvd is shit .... the dogs on it are shit

would never use one of there dogs as a stud

but the lad says they look good on the dvd lol


thats probably cause he wouldnt know a good dog if it bit him on his fecking arse lol

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thats right i no nothin think weve been watchin different dvds ladies nowt wrong with the gameness of them dogs and your either a hero who likes to get there dog smashed up for nothin and you obviously never ran more than one a night did you pre ban oh sorry you werent into the sport then were you!

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