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Singlehanded Vs LDR

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you live in absolute Cookoo land mate!! I have never herd so much shite in all my life. No farmer in this day and age is able to keep poachers of there land, Fact!! It is sad but true and there are no

Whin, are you for fecking real, what a load of shite you spout. Bruce is from a rescue,- no known breeding. You can't argue about the quality of that dog. Lots of good dogs everywhere, but this dog

Well said LDR he just being a totally f*****g TWAT yes you whin

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Technically the dog who catches most rabbits on the night wins the heat and if it goes on to win the competition then it's the winner of the lamping competition no more no less, doesn't make it the best lamping dog and I don't think anyone is claiming that. It's been a bad few years most places for rabbits and very likely the dog that goes on to win the competition won't have caught in all the heats the total rabbits some can secure in a night very likely that the winning dog has itself had more in a night. But it's the same rules for all and you know that before you enter.

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I just find it a bit sad [bANNED TEXT] wat should be a bit of fun turns into a slagging match then again i learned to avoid clubs and other events concerning lurchers by my exspierience of trying to run a bit of a courseing club in the late 70s to mid 80s i guess i am not thick skinned enough.atb dell

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Didnt the same thing happen last year in the final with mark brick where there was very little rabbits on the ground. I've seen the pictures on this site where you have been out and killed decent bags of rabbits yet everytime its a heat of the competition it is ran on ground which holds f**k all. I could be way of the mark but the picture it seems to be painting is that your picking and choosing the ground to suit bruce because he may lack what the other dogs have when it comes to big bags. Surely the point of a competition is to find the best lamping dog, how can you do that with just 7 runs.


YEP WAY OFF MARK SKINTZ :thumbs: mark threw the towl in after 1 hour and 45 mins, we had cought 20 rabbits at that time. marks dog had also missed 5 rabbits and bruce 2 rabbits.


if we had carried on for the remainding 1 hour and 15 mins the score would have been somewhere near 30 to 40 rabbits, wich i think you will agree being a respectable score.


last year i judged a number of heats on my land in the dales. and was also running in a few.


the one thing i found across the board with all competitors myself included , was that the compition was slower running than a normal night lamping with mates or alone,


normaly you work at night quik from one rabbit to the next no fecking around, somtimes with a mate and a well schooled dog, each dog would be running diffrent rabbits at the same time.


this is how the big bags are made, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WHEN YOU HAVE 2 LADS WANTING TO WIN :thumbs: THINGS GET A BIT MORE CHOOSEY :yes:

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poacher dont dislike any body mate its nothing personal maybe the whingers are the guys who lost , im maybe wrong ,just like to see fair play in any sport ,and well saw bruce ferret with one of my old dogs and had the guy out for lunch and alaugh so i think you have it very wrong but i do like fair play , if a young man hadnt told me how it went i would never had said a word as its no intrest to me 4 or 5 rabbits full stop , or the comp ,or i would have let guys run on my land and others but i do like fair play and , well one if i slip a dog and it doesnt run its a piont deducted ,if i choose my runs and there not much there well , ille not get much chances , the way i hunt is a million miles from what they were up to ,maybe im wrong ,but to have acomp you need game and a bit exitment god ground etc , i was up the dales today good sport good crack and good dogs all the best

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do mixi count in this competiotionas it doesnt count for me, and if you slip a dog and it doesnt want to chase is that a piont deducted ,and can a freind judge a nite out or does it have to be a nuetral judge who isnt in the competition , as thtas the fairest way and the judges word is final ive never loked at the rules but just how we used to run them,mixis dont count in my eyes guys i still see the comp as 4 4 correct me if im wrong

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So if I'm deciphering Whins posts correctly (and I doubt I am) did one of the rabbits caught have myxie ?.

surely a rabbit with mixy was not the winning rabbit in such a close heat,please tell us whin is wrong, :clapper:

whats a competion when it comes down to 1 mixymotis rabbit,was there not a judge there suppose he is a friend of the winner as well come on a mixy rabbit surely not lads

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s o am told it was a mixi ,guys now if dann had said to me he got beat because of a mixi i would had said we shall see about that i like fair play amongst fellow hunters , one there should be a nuetral judge especaily one thats not a freind to the competitors who hasnt a dog in it , MIXIS DONT COUNT NOR DOES THREE LEGGED DEER OR HARES WITH THReE LEGS lol,last year the felo who got beat in the semi ,judged then final surly thats not a nuetral judge , and this year the guys mate judged the semi on there land and the way the want to run it , is that a fair comp , not in my eyes , ive no biased with any man if ldr wanted to hunt with me or sh they get rteated the same as guests should,be and looked after , as i have nothing to prove to them , but if your puttinhg hard earned cash down you need to give fair play ,mayy years ago i played aguy for 500 quid at pool the guy judged it was his mate unknown to me . he hits balls on table i called foul judged said ,no lucky i had the class to win it , even tho they tried to hustle a hustler back fired , hope it can get cleared up either re run or run at 4 4 on decent land to test the dogs with abit more fair play and rules nuetral land etc

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you no nora if it had been fair and sqaure i would not have ever says a word but ,dont like hoaxys ,now if ldr they guy who was there with sh and if charti tells the truth then well realy its four four , , i thought fellow hunters were fair with each other and not weasles in any way , because if i had paid fifty quid and never got my fiftyquids woth like true sport there would be question marks and are run we re run the feild trail of 91 92 because of a mixi and adraw d lieght against m chapmans bob , along time ago but my memories are sharp . it was asnowing heavy to , i couldnt live with my self if i had cheated someone to win a rabbit comp , the more i see it the more i think of it as a farce , and maybe it shouldnt be run as acompetition , and there men and there men at times ,

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