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Problems with Deben Mk3 magnetic ferret finder

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I have used a Mk3 ferret finder for the past season, it originally came with one of the older non-magnetic collars that clipped together in two parts. This worked pretty well & I had very little trouble in locating my ferret. I lost this collar & bought one of the new magnetic collars. This has been nothing but trouble. If I set the collar on the ground before I go out ferreting it usually works OK. But once I put the ferret underground it starts to mess about. It will sometimes bleep and at other times it wont. Also the distance reading goes crazy, the reading jumps about all over the place, then at times when there is no beeping the ferret pops up beside me, there are times when I can point it straight at the ferret only a few feet away and it still messes about.


I sent it back to Deben who said it had been checked and was OK, (and quite patronisingly they said if I didn't know how to work it to ring then up & they would talk me through the correct workings of the kit), I took it out the following weekend and it was still messing about the same way. There was no way that it would have been possible to accurately dig down for a ferret, (thank god I didn't need to that day). I contacted Deben again to let them know that I was still having the same problems as before and let them know I wasn't happy with the Mk3M kit, they admitted that they just gave it a quick test at their factory and have advised me to send it back again for a more thorough test. (even though I had explained to them the first time that the fault was intermittent.


What I want to know is if anyone else out there has had similar problems with the new Deben Mk3 Magnetic Ferret Finders???

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points to look at;


age of batteries in both collar and locator, dull batteries will work well above ground, but go crazy when used on warrens, I always use new collar batteries every outing

do you have a mobile phone in your pocket when ferreting, these can cause problems

do you fix the collar/locator to the underside of chin, or back of neck

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Put the collars under not on top of neck. If you look at your diagram for testing the battries its upside down in the picture. I`ve spoke to deben a few times mate and the engineer even told me they can be as far as 2ft out but this is when your not on top of the ferret. Example she gave me was say your 4ft down your finder may actually say its 5=6ft. As for batteries i`ve seen em tested and seem to be working fine and then literally not be able to pick up any signal so there can be no warning when your battery is suddenly going to die.

I have me mobile on me all the time when im out and don`t have any trouble . Just could be the case that you have a faulty box it happens hope you get some joy from them :thumbs:

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Hi all I've a mk3 finder and was working great till the other day when I was changing the batteries in both the collar and box when changing the batteries in the collar I sat them on the counter and accidentally put the box down on them and they stuck to the bottom of the box where the magnetic bit is to turn the collar on and off since then it's not turning the collar on then when I manage to get it on it won't turn it off anyone had this issue before 

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