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nesting birds

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Came across these today while exercising the terrier. It seems the Birds are realy getting busy now.....


This little Wren has done a fabulous job of making its home in a hole in the Wall,and im sure it would be almost invisable to those without a trained eye. Hopefully the eggs that i could just about see, will hatch and fledge without a visit from a nasty Corvid...



This Canada Goose must of layed for England.... :o The nest was busting with Eggs and they were almost on top of each other. Unfortunately i couldn't quite get close enough for a decent pic,but saying that you can still clearly see the Eggs.



I then spotted this Moorhens nest while the terrier was off swimming after a mallard. It only had a couple of eggs in, but im sure a good few more will be added to the clutch not before long... ;)



This next one is a cracking little nest, and was well Hidden and very well made.

It was a nice find and pleasing to see....You can decide for yourselves what it is?




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Guest what a flight

nice pics lamps,

Last nest........................robin.


W A F.........

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yeah thats the new camera. was quite hard to get a good shot as the box was in the shade.but thats the bueaty of digital you just keep taking pics until you get a good un.easy with the blue tits as they keep coming back to the same spot.the true test is gonna be the action shots in the winter.just spoke to someone today about a herd of fallow deer he keeps seing. will go next weekend to try and get a few shots. if i can get close enough...

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