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What is to thin

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with my 2 dogs, Bryn will get a good cover over his frame, more than Tod my younger dog. It dont matter how much you feed him, he spine + pins show. All that happens is he just gets a big belly lol, he is lot of muscle on his frame and as dence bone so is quite heavy really. But now 16 months old not 1 ounce of fat on him, maybe he was going to be like this as soon as lost his puppy fat.?

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I've just got back from the vets had my 13 month dog weighed he's 20 kilos, Ive had alot of people pass me in the street saying mine is too thin but he looks fine to me and no matter what I feed him he don't gain any weight lol


I will put a pic up in a min





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too thin is when you can see the hips.


Not if its a Saluki or got a lot of Saluki in it. You should see the pin (hip) bones on that sort of dog. Marathon runners are skinny whether they are dogs or people!

ive never owned a saluki blooded dog. just going on dogs ive kept myself including pure greys :thumbs:

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tell him to :censored: off, its said to me all the time by the idiots with pet dogs which can barely walk for fat, my saluki weighs about 30 kilo i think, hes 26, but you can see every bone, he weighs alot for a saluki but hes just really compact and walked well, muscle weighs more than fat :thumbs: , your dog looks in great nic, end of the day whos dog would catch the most between yours and his? ill hazzard a guess yours.


atb FTB

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