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Shooting Targets

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For my first post on the forum here's a standard 1" sight-in target I made based on diamond style targets sitting within a 1" grid. I normally print onto A3 so I've had to compromise to allow a fit onto A4, but 1" pattern is less than 5% out. Set your margins all to zero and ignore any pop ups to do with being outside of print area. Bit of tape to stick the two halves together and you're done.

sight-in targetpdf online.pdf

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i use 4 peices of a4 stuck together draw a black line down the creases where the papper joins this gives you the centre point then mk a 1" line at centre point take out and fix to peice of ply (i use staple gun to secure ) n shoot away with it being all white n large you can see where your shots going hi low left or right then after a few shots take a black marker pen with ya and n just cross out the holes from your zeroing or use white electrical tape to cover them up works for me hope this helps.

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Shoot-n-see targets are good, just a white dot for the bull. Best of all you can make your own for next to nothing - just look on Youtube for info.

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Shoot n see targets are real easy. All you need is a sheet of card/paper, some clear tape and a contrasting can of spray paint.

I've tried different combinations but the original flouro yellow and matt black paint I find to be the best.

Simply cover the card/paper all over with the clear tape and spray with the paint.

You'll need to scratch crosses on it when dry or whatever you want to aim at.

I know I'm teaching granny to suck eggs for a lot of you but there are always newcomers coming along.

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