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irish wolfhounds

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Jade now 18mth 29" to shoulder, couple bunnies under her belt, next season will tell the tale..

😁 Jade no 13 weeks, nice temperament and looks well (if I say so myself), jury still out for long time to see how useful she will be.

The black dog is him.

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19 minutes ago, gaza said:

Yes mate. Temperamental dog aggressive thing that was. 

Good wee boozer just round the corner from your pic mate can’t mind the name if it but loada lads work of the boats drink there .... lively in a Friday and Saturday night 

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Just read this and moved on from Oban. But guessing might of been the one I went for champion league final green fronted on a bend Aulays think was called. Seemed the liveliest one. Real nice people just struggle understanding some of them 😆 but think was the same for them. 

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On 12/04/2022 at 21:38, BEARINATOR said:

My pal has a wolfhound and it can’t run or turn but she is a nice petAA1C181F-7A6F-47DB-912A-35B153CC7A53.jpeg.cf8b0a8bcfa0e8aad3c6ac320607820a.jpegA21EA4B5-E5DD-41EB-AE78-ADE6BB7EBEDD.jpeg.3ba360ea8e8b0ee3d5fc6f24784535fb.jpegE1691B5B-0B66-47B5-8590-3F7E4605301F.jpeg.002ffb145eb76d2e6c029c2395a355f4.jpeg

That looks small compared to the two I see at sacerwel dog show on Sunday, 

Chase a wolf lol they couldn't chase each other they that big 🤣 such a shame they ruined a type that was capable of pulling stags ,wolfs and man down ,

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